Genesis - the original album

Kits include the bow, belt tube quiver, adjustable arm guard and five aluminum arrows.  Please note arrow colors will vary.

On the other hand, don’t mistake the Original for anything other than a beginners bow – experienced shooters will not be satisfied with it (draw weight maxes out at 20lb) and it is 100% should definitely never be used for hunting – the Genesis Original is appropriate for target shooting only. It’s for this reason that we liked the Diamond Infinite Edge above the Original – while the Original is only suitable for beginners, the Edge can grow with the shooter not only in size, but also in skill level – the Edge works well as a bow for both beginners and veterans, and it can also be used to hunt provided you’re using the higher (60lbs+) draw weights. The Original lacks this flexibility, which is why it wasn’t picked as our favorite beginners bow overall.

Genesis - The Original AlbumGenesis - The Original AlbumGenesis - The Original AlbumGenesis - The Original Album