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       Categories: home, noises, barn, farmer

I just had another sleepover. It was really freaky the bedroom door started opening and closing all by itself. We also heard the distant noise of children laughing at midnight. The next time I have a sleepover we are going to stay awake all night long and eat jolly ranchers and pixie sticks.
We will also drink Dr. Pepper and coke. To stay hyper and so we can stay awake all night long.
Submitted by Alex

       Categories: children, noises

I have always heard stories about hauntings in Pound but I never believed them until I had my first sleepover when I was in the first grade. Everything was going fine until it was time to go to bed. We heard loud noises unexplanable.
We saw things fly up into the ceiling and things fly past us. We were so frightened. From now on every time I have a sleepover weird things happen. That is why I have soo many sleepovers because they want to come and see the ghosts.
Submitted by Alex

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Ghost Stories - Pound TownGhost Stories - Pound TownGhost Stories - Pound TownGhost Stories - Pound Town